Wednesday, March 26, 2008

California Ironman 70.3

Anyone else heading down to Oceanside this weekend for the half-ironman? I'll be racing in it.

This is what blows my mind: a half-ironman is a BIG race. This is the kind of event that people train for months, and then maybe take a week off followed by a light week or two of training afterwards. But with Coeur d'Alene looming ever closer, the 70.3 is basically just a heavy training day. There's no recovery afterwards, no taking it easy. There's no true tapering beforehand. This major race becomes just a stepping stone. We're definitely crazy for doing a full Iron.

Actually, I kind of lied about not having a taper. I injured my knee about 3 weeks ago and have been going to physical therapy to get it back in shape. (Basically, I have Runner's Knee.) It was painful for me to bike or run for about 2 weeks, and it's only been this past week that I've been able to increase the intensity of my workouts. So I am greatly under-conditioned for the race this weekend, but it's still an important practice race for Idaho. I'm just glad I got hurt now and not in June, because then I would have been in SERIOUS trouble.

(Mister P.)


Warrior said...

Make sure you look after it. otherwise it could be still bad in June

Fe-lady said...

Were you the guy with the "Next Stop CDA" on his back...if so, I was racing for CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation) and I commented I would be there too...
if it wasn't you...disregard! :-)

Mister P. said...

Yes! I had quite a few people say they were going to be in Idaho. I hope you were one of them who caught me when I was actually running and looking strong rather than during some of walking phases! I heard quite a few people on the sides cheering out for the Operation Rebound Team and it looked like you guys had a great turn-out.