Thursday, April 3, 2008

Final Shirt ORDER BY 4/25/08

These are done on a "Coolmax" Shirt. The price for them is $18.00 for adult sizes (with a minimum order of 37 shirts). For childrens shirts I will have to get the size and can then get a quote for you. (they will be considerably less than the adult shirts) Even if you have small kids, you may just wish to order an XSM adult size in the coolmax. Otherwise Kids' shirts are cotton.
Here is the front view

the back view. You do have the option to delete "sherpa"

Please email me with the quantity of shirts you would like to order. Remember, if you want to personalize them you can. I can do individual personalized shirts but the price is higher. If you order a minimum of 6 personalized shirts, the price stays the same.
Decoration Method: Screenprinting
Product Description: T-shirt material with Dri-Release properties. Shoulder-to-shoulder tape; double-needle neck, sleeve and bottom hem. A "tagless" t-shirt with Dri-Release material that dries four times faster than cotton by wicking away moisture.
Comments: Generous Fit. A very soft t-shirt feel with the benefit of patented Dri-Release fabric. Available in the US ONLY(American made).


greyhound said...

I read this all very quickly, so if I missed it I apologize. Are there any color options on the shirts themselves? Dark colors like that will get very warm standing out all day if it is sunny. In addition, getting a loud color makes the shirts butt ugly, but it makes the sherpas easy to see on the course.

Supalinds said...

Di, you've have put so much energy into this. I will take whatever you choose, I trsut your judgement. You're a designer for hell sakes.

No matter what I will put in an order for 4 sherpa shirts (3 actuall sherpa's and one for me).

Thanks for all the time and energy you are putting into this. I hope everyone rallies together and gets a shirt. It will be really cool to see that come race day.

SWTrigal said...

Di-Thank you so much for all your hard work!! I will email you with my order as soon as hubby returns from the weekend..
Debi :)

Fe-lady said...

Yes! Thanks for all your design expertise and research for this project...I am TRYING to talk hubby into getting one/wearing one.
So....I will probably get one anyway (XXL cost more?) and pack it and then see when we arrive...!
Thanks again!