Sunday, June 15, 2008

Airport Policy?....Anyone?

Hello Children,

Exactly 1 week from now we will be in our wetsuits waiting to get going on our Ironman Adventure. Holy crap, it is amazing how fast the year went by since we all signed up.

I have started my packing process, most specifically getting my bike in the travel box and preparing for the nerve-racking thought of having to travel with it and praying it won't get lost during the hour and a half time I have during my layover in Pheonix (oh yes, I am flying from Boston to Pheonix and then to Spokane, kind of like the great circle route). As I finish getting the bike packed, I have 2 big thoughts that maybe some of you can answer...

1) I really want to bring my Speedplay pedals on the plane as a carry on item. WIll the get taken from me? Is that allowed? Should I check them in my clothes bag?


2) Will my cycling shoes be allowed on as a carry on also, especially since they have metal cleats on the bottom...

Now, outside of this one major fear that I will lose my bike and/or have my shoes and pedals confiscated, I am doing pretty damn good. I feel great. Have a ton of energy due to my taper, although I feel as if I am getting fat. But that is normal...and if I am getting a little fat, I will view that as some glycogen stores to burn in the last 10k of the run. GOOD TIMES

I know a meet-up is somewhat in the works. My quick schedule is to arrive on Wednesday at my place in Harrison (across the lake), and then I will do the swim and register on Thursday, then definitely at the pasta dinner on friday and of course, bike check in Saturday, which I will do on the earlier side. I look forward to meeting everyone out there.

Have safe travels and I'll see you at CDA,

T-Guy J (also known as Jared, Bib #290)

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tri-dogmom said...

I'm not an export on the airport policy, but I would think if you just put those items in your carry on bag, you'll be fine!! They aren't liquid.... and not a weapon so I don't see the problem!!