Wednesday, June 11, 2008

T's are in!

These came out really, really cool.

The fabric is nice - it's called anvil dri-release. It's got a little bit of cotton in it to make it soft.

Of course there are some without the Sherpa on the back too.

Dang there are a lot of t-shirts in this box! We are gonna seriously represent in Idaho (who you calling a ho?) this year!

Maybe we should have had them done on sweatshirts?

(the.bigun apologizes for the lack of photographic quality in the representation of these fine, fine T-shirts. These pics were not taken with TrisherpaDi's high-speed camera, nor with her trained eyeballs. Sorry.)


SWTrigal said...

Di-Really, really nice!

Scottie said...

Wow those did turn out nice. I guess I should have ordered one =(

Tea said...


21stCenturyMom said...

Those look GREAT! So now I wish I had ordered one - sigh...

Fe-lady said...

Glad we will have one in our family! Thanks Di...they turned out spectacular!