Saturday, June 14, 2008

Greyhound Juice

Ben Greenfield is a very talented, extremely fast local triathlete. He is also one of the most highly certified and experienced triathlon coaches and personal trainers in the Pacific Northwest, as well as an all around nice guy.

His most recent blog entry talks about Greyhound Juice, a warming salve, traditionally used by cyclists to warm their legs in cold weather.

It might be worth your consideration in battling the temps of the icy cold Lake CDA.


Fe-lady said...

Greyhound juice...hmmm?

Thought it was a pre-race hot toddy concocted by "our" own Greyhound...!

Bigun said...

There aint NO WAY I'm putting any juice with Greyhound on the lable on my body. You have to draw the line somewhere....lord knows my line is out there farther than most.

greyhound said...

That's odd. Greyhound juice is exactly what I use to warm up my wetsuit when I get in the water.