Thursday, May 22, 2008

IM CDA Bike Course Description

Here is a rundown from a guy who rode the IM CDA course recently. I rode it last week and would agree with his comments and think he did a very fine job in his description.


Fe-lady said...

Now I hope I can remember this as I am out there...riding rollers and getting in nutrition will be the though part. Think I am wearing my camelback for this one, even tho I know I will be chided for it.
And what's with these people who post ?
Can't spell worth a darm (your/you're, hall/haul, loose/lose)- just jumps out at a teacher...sorry!
nothing like reinforcing the "dumb jock" image! :-)

Fe-lady said...

DARM! (heh- it's a combo between darn and dam, and the fact that I didn't have my readers on! HA!)

Iron Eric said...

I have been thinking about wearing my camelback too? Any thoughts????

momo said...

if i remember correctly, there is an aid station every ten miles or so. they hand out full bottles of water and gatorade. i am thinking of actually dropping my extra bottles on this one and just going with the aid stations and my aerobottle.

Fe-lady said...

I am not training on gatorade, and want to avoid the messes at the hand-off stations, so that is why I am going to look "geeky" and like an Xterra competitor! :-)

Bigun said...

I luvs gatoraide!