Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Sherpa Limerick

For fear of being called out...

The water will be extra cold
Meaning major shrinkage for Bold
Will they cancel the swim?
The chances are slim
Warm water at this point; like fool's gold

You'll loop back and forth on the bike
It helps to know what you look like
We'll ring the cow bells
Keep downing your gels
Or your body will go on hunger strike

T2 a relief; 26.2 miles await you
Tired legs to carry you through
As the miles tick away
You'll relive the day
And realize there's nothing you can't do

A ticket to Sherpa a race
Is worth every smile on your face
We’ll cheer really loud
And tell you we’re proud
Even if you finish last place


Bigun said...

awesome! and none of them dirty!

Wedgie said...

We swim and we run and we pedal
And our stomachs get really unsettled
We rely on your smiles
To get us through the miles
The Sherpas deserve all the medals

Tea said...

I love it!

(I like wedgie's addition too).