Friday, May 2, 2008

Training Day

Today several of us got together for a mini IM preparation triathlon. Our goal was to get out on the IM CDA course and enjoy the magnificent spring sunshine.

We met at a local pool in Coeur d’Alene, ID for our swim to get things rolling. I swam an easy 2200 yards as a recovery swim after last evening’s master’s session.

Then we headed out on our bikes for one loop of the IM CDA bike course. Fortunately or unfortunately the hilly portions have not smoothed out much since the last time I biked this course. It does seem that there is a corresponding downhill for most of the up hills which is nice. The secret, I believe, is to get a good running start on the down hill portions before the road transforms into an up hill.

Much of the ride is absolutely breathtaking as we travel through pine forests and past beautiful lakes. There is still some snow on the higher hills which only serves to add to the great scenery.

After finishing the bike loop we took off on a run to cover much of one loop of the IM CDA run course. It is a great course that has some slight up hill portions and never seems to veer far from Lake Coeur d’Alene for most of the route.

After finishing I headed home, had a great dinner and a shower, and immediately fell asleep in my recliner. It was a good day and I look forward to my next tour of the IM CDA course in another week and a half.

Now I must rest for Sunday’s upcoming Lilac Bloomsday Run.

P.S. I was talking with an IM CDA official today and he mentioned that plans are being formulated in the event that Lake Coeur d’Alene does not warm up significantly prior to IM race day. Officials are planning on setting up a couple of warming yurts on the beach. These yurts will be readily available for swimmers as a part of T1 to combat the brutal chill that may affect many.

Thank you for reading.


Tea said...

Al-What's the current temp? How much below average is the the water now?

momo said...

tea - there's a link on the left sidebar to the current water temperature. its 7 celcius right now - which converts to 44.6.

COLD! :-)

SWTrigal said...

OK-here are some dumb questions. How cold does it have to be for hypothermia to set it in? And are gloves, foot covers legal? Gosh are they really thinking it will stay in the 40s?

Spokane Al said...


I am certainly no expert on hypothermia, and suspect the answer depends on the individual.

I remember volunteering at the IM CDA 06 and saw a number of smaller, very slim women who were absolutely shaking from the cold as they came out of T1 dressed for the bike ride.

Most of the other racers told me the water was fine.

The water will most definitely be much warmer than the current 45 degree temps, but again suspect that it will, with a bit of warm weather luck, probably top out in the 60s.

SWTrigal said...

whew-60s I can handle-40s I dunno about that!

tri-dogmom said...

I THINK the water was about 57 when we arrived in CDA last year & did a pre-race swim. Then, it warmed up over the next few days and on race day it was 62-63. I was actually quite comfortable in the water, minus the 2' waves.

Bigun said...

doesn't sound as cold as Alcatraz...

just some chest pounding there - go about your day now...

Thanks for the on-the-scene reporting Spokie!