Friday, September 7, 2007

Bike course comparison graphs.

Hi there, I'm GeekGirl, and IM CDA will be my 2nd Ironman. I'm hoping to do it just a bit faster than I did Kentucky (DFL) and more comfortably. No, scratch that. I want to just finish it more comfortably. The bike at Kentucky was BRUTAL and I'm not just being melodramatic. I live in the Albuquerque area, and my coach is the Jimmy, and he writes me weekly training plans, phones me at last once a week as well as after every race, and meets with me and his other clients weekly for track/interval workouts that he calls "turbo bricks"

A few people are doing it with me: my Sweet Baboo, of course, and SW Tri Gal, and a few others; some other friends are going as sherpas. We're staying at a cabin near the lake where the swim will be held and will be making this SW Tri Gal found out about this by searching online for cabins that can be rented near the race venue. We're renting the cabin for a week and have already sent our deposit.

So, well, the good news: I've had two people who were at Kentucky tell me that the new bike course at IM-CDA is not as hard as Kentucky (whew!) it definitely has some rollers but it appears to be pretty doable.
As for the run course, it's clearly a two-loop course with lots of rollers. I actually like this because at least I won't be wearing out one set of muscles on the run.



momo said...

hey, geekgirl. great job at imky - dfl - smhmfl. i followed you and your race online the entire day and i was so excited for you!

cda will be my third im, and my second time at cda. you will love it - i thought the course and the town were so beautiful, i talked tri-dogmom and ironshane into doing it again with me. the bike course is basically continuous rollers. you go up, but you get to come right back down, so there is plenty of time to rest.

from what i remember of the run (it was a long time into it after all!) it was gentle rollers, not really up and down. there is one nice big hill at the turnaround at mile 8ish and again at i think 19, but all in all, really nice.

i can't wait to meet everyone!

tri-dogmom, shane, jenny and another friend of ours are staying right on the park too, so we'll be close.

ok, so sorry to hog up the comments here, maybe everyone should do a little intro of themselves, like why they picked cda, what number im, family, etc.

oh, and last thing. i used to live in clovis. :-) go wildcats.

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