Saturday, September 8, 2007

Follow up to Bike Profile

These are Motion-based elevation graphs taken from competitors from the IMKY'07 race and the IMCdA'07 race (the new course). The total elevation gain is very similar - about 6,500 feet. These graphs are great in that the elevation scale is identical (each tick is 25 feet) and the distance is the same as well.

IMKY Bike Course Elevation:

IMCdA Bike Course Elevation:

The main difference I see is that in IMKY you have three 200' climbs in the first 25 miles or so. After that it looks like rollers...relentless, but rollers, with a great finish - that last 25 miles looks predominantly downhill.

CdA drops you off the 500 foot climb over 10 miles (that's a long climb...) for another chance to do it all over again - and it just looks like the climbs are a bit more pointy - longer and steeper. Granted, there are just as many downhills as up, so perhaps there is more chance to rest compared to IMKY. The ending of CdA is a nice downhill of about 15 miles.

Not having ridden either, I'd say that although the elevation change is almost identical, they are two very different, hard courses. Not that I'd take one over the other, and I'll bet that if you tackled one, you sure could feel good about tackling the other! What am I saying - I did take one over the other - I'm stuck with CdA!!!!!


tri-dogmom said...

This is cool! How did you get those maps!?

momo said...

bigun - that elevation drop from mile 45 to mile 60 on the cda map
looks steep on the elevation chart, but its actually pretty gradual. last year the wind blew AGAINST us on that downhill which was a big bummer. hopefully next year will be better!

the up/down on each loop is pretty continuous, so you just have to conserve on the first lap - go out medium. my coach said the problem that most people have is that they go out too fast on the first lap and don't have anything left for the second.

if you look at my speed throughout the race, i was fairly consistent. i was conservative on the first lap and by the time i hit the second, i was a little more tired, but was able to keep my speed the same because my legs weren't trashed.

during your training, one thing that will definitely help is throw a big hard hill in at the end of your training rides if you can just to get your legs used to climbing tired.

Bigun said...

ehem...florida...hello...big hard hills...far, far away from here...

bigmike600 said...

Can we be added to the list?

JohnnyTri said...

ok so carry extra 20 lbs on the bike for the lack of hills.. ha..


Marisol said...

This is great info to know.

Anonymous said...

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