Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More on the Bike Course

Love those profiles Bigun!

I really liked the '07 CDA bike course. My only other IM is '06 Wisconsin, so anything that wasn't wet was going to make me happy. :) The hills go on and on and on, but none of them are horribly steep. Do hill training and you'll be fine. I actually felt like the WI course and the CDA course were very similar, except that WI had 3 really steep climbs stuck in the middle. It's a beautiful ride with lots of support.

I agree with Momo about the wind. That downhill is deceptive and not nearly the break it appears to be. The wind sure pushed me up it, though. That part I liked!


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Fe-lady said...

Thanks for your views about the course. I normally like riding hills and plan to climb a lot before this race...I have done Canada on very little hill training (A LONG time ago tho..) so I figure I will be OK if I train properly!