Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sherpa times 2

Thanks to the people who set this up. It rocks. I would like to introduce my wife J-Wim and myself bigmike. We will be on Di Taylors teamSherpa for IMCdA.
After spending our whole adult lives overweight..I mean OVERWEIGHT, we finally got it figured out and lost a combined 350 pounds through diet and exercise in 2006. That is not a typo.
Running, Swimming and Biking saved our lives. We will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary next weekend. (I'm taking my wife to do a 10K on our anniversary). We have 2 boys 17 1/2 and 15.
This was our first year of triathlon. We completed a sprint distance and joined a local tri team. We have done a lot of run focus up to this point and just did our first half marathon. We have 2 half IM distance tri's lined up for next year along with a couple duathlons and a couple other triathlons and are planning IMWI 09 (if we can get sold out in 23 minutes after it went up on this year).

We went and watched IMWI last weekend and learned a lot. We can not wait to meet up with all of you great people and give you all the support and encouragement you need to complete your journey. We feel privileged to be included.


Tea said...

I haven't gotten to post my introduction yet, but my hubby Mr. Tea and my two boys will also be on Sherpa duty at CDA.

Congrats on a fantastic weight loss! I love the fact that you are doing a 10k on your anniversary.

Tea said...
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Fe-lady said...

Welcome to the best community you can ever become a part of! Congrats on finding triathlon and losing the poundage to lead a more healthy lifestyle! I am sure now you are hooked for life-and that's a good thing!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

BigMike and J-Wim I am so happy that Bigun and I can include you both in our circle of friends. I am looking forward to the next 9 months.
Mike and I are working on some cool ideas for all of the Team Sherpa participants. We'll keep you posted.
All family members, signifcant others and friends who want to join The Land of Blog's Team Sherpa - email me and let me know.

Bigun said...

did you guys get married when you were, like, 8 yrs old? Jeesh....Congrats on your wedding anniversary - enjoy the run together!

J-Wim said...

I was 19, Mike was 21. We were all grown up and ready to live on love.