Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who Blink

Who is Blink?

I am a 38 year old husband and father of two girls who are eight and six. I do all distance tri's and have done a couple ultra-marathons. I am highly self motivated and see myself as more of a trainer than racer. When I make up a plan not much can make me deviate from it and I enjoy following the plan through, I like seeing the changes in body, mind and speed. When I do race, I race. I don't see the point in spending money to do a training day. While I do work hard at this sport, I don't take it so seriously that I can't have fun with it as well. If your not having fun then whats the point, right.

I got into triathlon five years ago due to a friends urging, before that I was running non competitively to lose weight. I don't think even my blog homies know that I was once of legal Clyde weight at 210 lbs. and a smoker who was affectionately dubbed "Chief Party Boy" because of my wild ways. After loosing forty pounds (and the smokes) and doing my first tri breast stroke through the swim, and riding a mountain bike I was hooked and haven't looked back since.

2007 has been a rebuilding year for me, I'm coming back from a back injury and feel strong. It's been a pretty good year and as I head into Coeur d'Alene, I'll be seeking redemption for a lackluster performance at IM Wisconsin in 2006. Look out!

I look forward to watching you guys as you prepare for Coeur d'Alene and wish you all the best in doing so. Thanks for letting me tag along with you.

Feel free to check me out at Trainingmakesmehungry.blogspot.com



bigmike600 said...

That is awesome you quit smoking and dropped some weight. You will be a force to be reckoned with at CdA.
Chief Party Boy... to Chief Ass Kicker. That's cool.

momo said...

hey, welcome blink!! can't wait to watch your progress - i'm sure you will rock the course at cda.

ps. your daughter are very cute!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Blink is funny.

Tea said...

what a great support crew you have there!

You've changed your life so much! Awesome dedication.

supalinds said...

Nice to meet you Blink!

IronJenny said...

Welcome Blink!
I will be working sherpa duty for CdA with Mrs Bigun and all the other martini-swilling cheerleaders.
See you there!