Sunday, September 23, 2007

Experienced Sherpa - IronJenny

I too, will be assisting Di with dutiful sherpa-ing. Not only can I ring a cowbell, like, with sass and even rhythm, but I can:

1) assist with packing special needs bags
2). rub tense shoulders
3). grease bike chains
4). apply sunscreen
5). remember all the essentials in case you forget them at check-in (Immodium, Pepto, Endurolytes come to mind first and foremost)
6). paint signs
7). run to the 24-hour grocery store if you decide that morning that you DO want a half a banana and a slice of turkey instead of that bagel with peanut butter
8). spare Garmin, heart rate monitor, any or all geek gadgets with batteries
9). spare wheels (oh, wait, DV's not doing CdA. Well, I'll have them anyway);-)
10). I am willing to wear a costume on the bike course. I know Nytro also wants to wear one. (tee-hee) :-)

I promise NOT to get too sauced from my lawnchair. Unless there's just simply too much peer pressure.


Fe-lady said...

Sounds more difficult than the race itself...really!
You are there to have fun too, remember? :-)

Bigun said...

Remember, Di's will get sauced...luckily it's a long day and you'll have time to sober up...and get sauced again...

Tea said...

well...and Mr. Tea will be there. I'm sure he'll have his lawn chair and cooler all set up.

For as long as I'll be on the course, you guys have time to drink, sober up, and then start the cycle all over again.

Seriously, your expertise will be GREATLY appreciated. I'm sure the "rubbing tense shoulders" is more for all the sherpas waiting for us to finish, right?

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

I am honored to know I will be in such fine Sherpa company!!

Duane said...

And what shall I bring for lawn chair imbibing for you? I guess I will sherpa for the sherpas :-)

SWTrigal said...

That lawn chair is sounding awfully tempting right now!
Welcome and thank you!

supalinds said...

Seeing you sauced, in a costume, with a cowbell and caring extra gadgets around is enough to keep me smiling throughout the entire race.

Can't wait to meet you.

And feel good knowing there is such great sherpa's along the way.

Just make sure you are ready to get race...with me :) I should be an easy drunk that night :)

momo said...

jenny - don't forget big j'll be there too!! he'll be saucing it up with you without a doubt!

oh, and the immodium is for me, right? :-) make sure you have plenty!!

bigmike600 said...

And don't forget bigmike and J-Wim will be there too. We know how to ring cowbells and yell in stereo. We can only hope to be as good a sherpa as Di and you IronJenny. In fact you will our sherpas if that makes sense. We so look forward to meeting all of you.