Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hello All

Hi there. Thanks for inviting me to participate in the blog of CDA'ers. I feel privileged to be among such a great group. I've been trying to think of something good to post when I introduce myself but all I've got is old material. Below is a post from my blog that I wrote a few months back during half iron training. It sums up why I am here.

Let me just say that I can't wait to meet you all and get to know you better. It is much better to travel down this path with other people, rather than all alone. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and think I have gone crazy but then I remind myself, this distance is not to be feared.

This summer was my second tri season. I have done a handful of oly's, one sprint, and one half ironman. This will be my first attempt at this distance.

(Sorry this is so lengthy)

Why I train...

I think it is time to revisit the reason/reasons that I train. When the hours get long and the fatigue sets in it's always a good idea to have the reasons why you train fresh in your brain. With that being said, I have come to one conclusion, you must have ONE reason why you train. Why you ask?...well because when you are out there and it's hot and you're tired you're brain starts to work against you, pulling out an entire list of motivating factors is difficult at best. I often find myself asking the million dollar question...WHY AM I DOING THIS?

I started training in 2003 (for marathons). Seems like such a long time ago, but more importantly I look back at the person I used to be and training has changed me...for good. The obvious changed took hold fast, I became aware of my body, everything from food to exercise and how my body responded. But the biggest change that took place was far more subtle and took me longer to realize how big of an effect it has had on my life. In fact, I was sitting at breakfast the other morning with a friend lecturing on her bad 'thought patterns' when I realized I have not thought about this aspect of training in quite some time. That aspect is the power of your mind and your thought on training and everyday life.

During my first marathon training I realized how much my thought patterns directly affected my runs. I became very conscience of the big and little thoughts that came into my head. I have always been a very positive person, I don't get down on myself and have the ability to pick myself up quickly after I fall. But subconsciously I realized my little mind could be quite negative. I know in training it is an art to turn the brain off and keep on moving despite what it tells you. But this was a new concept to me. I began staying positive on all workouts and turning off my mind when it decided that it wanted to be negative. This concept also seeped into my everyday life, and this is where I saw the biggest change. My attitude and demeanor changed, I was better able to cope with everyday hurdles. I know this sounds like some 'self help' book, but being able to shut out off my mind from the negative commentary it is capable of, has made me a better person and a better athlete. I am almost positive that without this 'Power of thought and mind' realization I could never make it through triathlon training. Thank god for the internal mute button I have found.

Why I train...

1. Because I can -there are a million people out there that simply cannot handle the world of training. I feel good knowing I am of the small percentage that can.
2. When I train I feel invincible. All the cares and worries of the world fade away when I tie up my running shoes, click into my pedals, or dive into the pool.
3. It makes me feel alive.
4. Keeps me disciplined
5. I can eat a lot more :)
6. I can handle stress better.
7. I sleep better.
8. I look good in padded bike shorts (okay this one is a joke and maybe the one reason I would stop doing triathlons)
9. It gives me purpose.
10. Keeps me in good shape.
11. I can push my body to places I never thought possible.
12. I get cute T-shirts at the races.
13. Being an athlete and training is who I am.
14. It brings me peace.
15. Everyday is a new adventure.
16. It gives me the ability to climb mountains, run for hours and swim yard after yard.

No words can truly explain how much I love sweat, pain and hard work. Being a triathlete is who I am. It is an overall commitment to health and happiness. I may not love every minute of training and I may get frustrated but it is ultimately what I love. I can't imagine life without it, triathlon is more to me than a sport it is a way of life.

"Anything is possible with the only limits in life being the ones you put on yourself. Life is believing in yourself to achieve your greatest potential and ultimate destiny.” Daniel Clout


momo said...

i love the quote. i believe that ironman is so very much mental - if you can get your mind around the distance, you can make it happen. your post reminds us all of the benefits - both physical and mental - of triathlon and training in general.

thanks for sharing and can't wait to meet you in cda!

Anonymous said...

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Duane said...

Hi! Great post and we look forward to this journey with you!

SWTrigal said...

Great way to meet you. Welcome!

Fe-lady said...

Who wrote this??? Did I miss something? Or is it Tara?
Welcome, regardless of my stupidity! :-)