Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Housing for Next June?

I know I had a list of where to look for lodging sent by Momo but I've lost it, so if anyone has info on that, I'd appreciate it. I am also looking for anyone who may want to share a room (I do not snore) or house to defray costs. Also, I will be driving there from Denver so carpoolers would be welcome too!



momo said...

duane, we found our place on we rented a place right on the park where transition is going to be.

i'd bet that a lot of places are taken now, but as time gets closer - they will start to open up - that's how i found my house last year. also, the host resort has a waiting list. on april 15th, anyone who has a reservation for im week has to PAY IN FULL, so they often get many cancellations - i had my name on a waiting list and they called to offer me a room, but it was after i found the house.

tri-dogmom said...

I have a bunch of homes bookmarked, so if you haven't found anything let me know & I can email them to you....